Alloy Steel Casting in Mumbai, India

Alloy Steel Casting in Mumbai,India

Alloy steel

When other elements comprising metals and non-metals are added to steel , steel is made. These alloy steels display various environmental, chemical and physical properties that can vary with the elements used to alloy. Alloy Steel Manufacturers in Mumbai . Here the proportion of alloying elements can provide different mechanical properties.

Alloy steel may be a steel that has had small amounts of 1 or more alloying elements (other than carbon) like like manganese, silicon, nickel, titanium, copper, chromium and aluminium added.
Alloy Steel Casting Manufacturers in India
. This produces specific properties that aren't found in regular steel . Alloy steels are workhorses of industry due to their economical cost, wide availability, simple processing, and good mechanical properties. Alloy steels are generally more aware of heat and mechanical treatments than carbon steels. We export and supplies in several countries like Dubai, Qatar, Bangladesh, Srilanka and African countries. We are Leading manufacturer & supplier of alloy steel, Alloy Steel manufacturers in India. we have qualities like economical cost, wide availability, & good mechanical properties

Traditionally, steel casting can recover properties than steel castings. By comparision, steel casting costs more for its higher material cost. Alloy steel casting is widely used for industrial applications, like bucket

Bucket teeth, agricultural wear parts, and lots of other industrial components utilize cast steel parts in their operations. Alloy Steel Casting Manufacturers India . With investment castings made in alloy steel, we can achieve lots of properties including (as compared to carbon steels): Strength, hardness, toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and hardenability. Of course, heat treatment will help to enhance a number of these improved properties if casting can't meet directly.

There are two sorts of steel – low steel and high steel . The composition and proportion of alloying elements determine the varied properties of steel . Alloy steel Casting Manufacturers Mumbai . Low-alloy steels are those which have up to eight alloying elements whereas high-alloy steels have quite 8% alloying elements. We can provide custom steel investment castings that meet your unique specifications. Alloy steel casting is used for Casting of Pumps, Valves, Hardwares, Surgical equipment sand many other allied products and components for Engineering Components.


  • Improves harden-ability due to the presence of chromium in it (0.5-2.0 wt %)
  • It is corrosion resistance also because of presence of chromium in it (4-18 wt %)
  • Increases toughness as the presence of nickel is high (2-5 wt%)
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